Translation Automation Platform

Cloudwords is Enterprise translation management software built to empower global marketing and integrate with any content system. As the UX Designer I worked with product and engineering to simplify complex processes and vastly improve our customer's workflow.

Used by global companies like Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, PTC, McDonald’s, and Marketo.

What does it solve?

Most localization teams were still using spreadsheets and copy-and-paste which was prone to errors and time consuming. With a technology stack that includes marketing automation software, managing reviewers and revisions and more depending on the size of the team, the steps required to get translated content to market were unweildy.

The users needed a way to organize their content in one place, select vendors, reviewers, project managers, and connect globally. Translated content must be reviewed and in almost every case it's not their primary role. Coordinating reviewers for each language can be like herding cats and once wrangled they need to have a seamless experience. They don't need login credentials for MA software and they can't be expected to download, review, edit and upload or email a file reliably.

First Steps: Line-By-Line Review

We defined a roadmap for feature releases that spanned more than a year starting with basic requirements and content types. Line-by-Line review displayed both the source text and the translation side by side, a linguistic view that allowed reviewers to easily compare each segment, make edits or comments, and ensure that everything is translated correctly in the target language.

Product Evolution: OneReview

OneReview enables multiple reviewers to review, provide feedback, and edit translated content. All within the context of its final format – whether it's an email, newsletter, landing page, word document or web page. Any file type can be uploaded, transferred, downloaded and translated.

This powerful review experience meant faster time to market, easier collaboration with global teams and significantly fewer errors.

Multiple personas defined the UX

Jonas hosted a weekly UX Design review that always got me excited for new and improved features in our application. When he worked directly with our customers in feedback sessions, we knew we would have a sympathetic ear for the end user.
Joseph Denzel Head of Customer Success