Fast. Simple. Life Insurance.

Headquartered in S.F., Ethos' target is Life Insurance, a traditional industry ripe for disruption. User experience is key, no matter the technology or industry.

The challenge at hand was to take the tedious long-form experience and make it easy (and almost fun!) to complete. Engaging interactions paved the way for an effective funnel to get folks focused on filling out fantastic fun forms without fatigue.

We tested with users and had excellent results and worked directly with the legal team at our underwriting partner to refine language wherever possible. We fought to remove or reduce entire sections that were either redundant or triggered by a single question early in the flow. It worked.

First Steps: Had to be easier, faster to complete

Reduce questions and friction

Stylized form elements

Optimized for mobile conversions

10 minutes? Let's get it down to 5.