In 2012, Google made a huge splash when it bought Wildfire, a social media marketing company that helps advertisers manage their pages on social media platforms like Facebook.

My small team at Wildfire included full-stack designer/developers and front-end developers. We built custom applications on the Wildfire platform. After the acquisition that coincided around my one-year anniversary with Wildfire, things stayed mostly intact. We were later consolidated into the double-click display ad vertical at Google HQ.

This provided me a winsome opportunity to provide end-to-end solutions for high profile companies. The outcome was the publication of engagement focused applications on social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and beyond.

Brands like Nvidia, Pete's, Target, and Fila were some of the major companies that I directly collaborated with. Building trust with the brands and their respective agencies or team leaders meant for a lot less friction in an already aggressive production schedule.

Successful campaigns that boosted engagement.

YouTube engagement apps for big brands.

As a project manager working with Jonas was great. Our customers always had revisions, but even with our toughest accounts, his designs were approved with no changes!